Some of the License Engagements Performed by Licensing Financial Services, Inc. Include:
 Licensee  Product Type  City  State/Country
 3M  Consumer & Office Products  Minneapolis  MN
 Accessory Networks  Apparel & Apparel Accessories  New York  NY
 Acclaim  Video Games  Glen Cove  NY
 ACF  Socks   Brussels  Belguim
 ACI  Women's Shoes  Miami  FL
 Activision Inc.  Interactive Entertainment/Video Games  Santa Monica  CA
 Added Extras  Domestics  New York  NY
 Adorable Kids  Apparel  Montreal  Canada
 Advance Watch  Watches  Warren  MI
 Alpa  Stationery  Leicester  United Kingdom
 Alpan  Electronics  Hong Kong  HK
 AME  Sleepwear  New York  NY
 American Greetings  Greeting Cards  Cleveland  OH
 American Royal Arts  Cel Art & Limited Editions  Westbury  NY
 Antioch   Stationery  Yellow Springs  OH
 Apparel Republic  Apparel     Singapore
 Applause  Plush Toys  Woodland Hills  CA
 Applejack  Art Agent  Manchester Center  VT
 Argus  Posters/Postcards/Bookmarks  Argus  CA
 At A Glance  Calendars/Posters  Dayton  OH
 Badge Co, The  Promotional Items  Woerden  The Netherlands
 Ballantine  Publishing  New York  NY
 Barth & Dreyfuss  Kitchen & Bath Items  Los Angeles  CA
 Barunson  Greeting Cards/Photo Albums/Stationery  Seoul  Korea
 Bee International  Candy/Dispensers  Chula Vista  CA
 Belding Sport  Golf Bags  Oxnard  CA
 Bellavita  Apparel     Italy
 Best Collection  Gift/Stationery  Seoul  Korea
 BIC  Agent-Italy  Milan  Italy
 Bico  Notebooks/Greeting Cards/Stationery  Cali  Colombia
 Blitz  Apparel (T-Shirts)  New York  NY
 Bradford Exchange  Collectibles (Plates)  Niles  IL
 Campbells  Packaged Foods  Camden  NJ
 Carlton Cards  Greeting Cards  Toronto  Canada
 Carter Wallace  Pets Products  Cranbury  NJ
 Carvajal  Stationery  Cali  Colombia
 Changes  Apparel (T-shirts/Sweatshirts)  Glendale  NY
 Children's Television Workshop  Agent  New York  NY
 Coats & Clark  Textile Products  London  United Kingdom
 Coats Viyella  Apparel    United Kingdom
 Collegewear  Apparel (T-Shirts)  New York  NY
 Color Clings  Stationery  Bloomington  MN
 Colorvision  Photo's  Orlando  FL
 Con Agra  Pets Products  Omaha  NE
 Conimar  Housewares  Ocala  FL
 Convertidora  Party Goods  Guadalajara  Mexico
 Copa  Apparel     Hong Kong
 Copyrights Studio  Apparel    Singapore
 Cose Progetti  Promotion-Chocolate Egg    Italy
 Co-Speed  Shoes (Sports)  Tai Chung  Taiwan
 Crazy Productions  Gift & Plush  Miami  FL
 Cronies  Apparel (T-shirts/Sweatshirts)  Chatsworth  CA
 CTI  Balloons  Barrington  IL
 Dan River/Bibb  Home Fashions/Apparel  Danville  VA
 Danara  Infant Products  North Bergen  NJ
 Day Dream  Calendars/Posters  Indianapolis  IN
 Deluxe Corp  Checks  Shoreview  MN
 Determined Productions  Agent-Far East    Taiwan
 Diamond Dust  Women's Apparel  Miami  FL
 Dingbats  Watches  Los Angeles  CA
 Distribution Network  Apparel     United Kingdom
 Dove Ent.  Publishing  Beverly Hills  CA
 Downpace Ltd.  Novelty Items  London  United Kingdom
 Duke/United Labels  Apparel     Germany
 E. Gluck  Watches  Long Island City  NY
 Enesco  Gift Products  Itasca  IL
 Equity Marketing  Promotional Products  Los Angeles  CA
 Ertl/Racing Champions  Die Cast Cars  Dyersville  IW
 Executive Greetings  Promotional Products/Stationery  Hartford  CT
 Exqusite Apparel/Bolero  Boxer Shorts/Ties  New York  NY
 Falcon Impex  Gift Bags  River Grove  IL
 Fasma  Sun Glasses  Athens  Greece
 Fisher Price  Childrens Toys  Buffalo  NY
 FKM  Music CD's     Germany
 Fleer/Skybox  Trading Cards  Mt. Laurel  NJ
 Foottec  Footwear  Miami Lakes  FL
 Freeze  Apparel (T-Shirts)  New York  NY
 Ft. James/Dixie Cup  Paper Cups  Norwalk  CT
 Fun4All  Toy & Gift  New York  NY
 Gaffney International Licensing  Agent    Australia
 Galerie Au Chocolat  Candy  Cincinnati  OH
 Garment Graphics  Apparel (T-Shirts)  Mounds View  MN
 Giant  Apparel (T-Shirts)  Commerce  CA
 Gibson Greetings  Greeting Cards & Gift Wrap  Cincinnati  OH
 Giftco  Gift  Vernon Hills  CA
 Ginsey  Bathroom Products  Bellmawr  NJ
 Good Stuff  Toys & Games  Long Island City  NY
 Hamilton Collection  Collectibles  Jacksonville  FL
 Hasbro  Toys & Games  Pawtucket  RI
 Hasbro-HK  Toys & Games     Hong Kong
 Head Start  Sportswear/Hats  Carson  CA
 Hellas Press  Agent  Athens  Greece
 Henry Holt Publishing  Publishing  New York  NY
 Highap  Apparel/Footwear  Hong Kong  Hong Kong
 Ide/Tarrarone  Apparel  Singapore  Singapore
 IEC Asia  Gift/Stationery  Hong Kong  Hong Kong
 Imations  Imaging Products  Oakdale  MN
 Impulse Wear  Apparel  Blacklick  OH
 IMSI (Int'l Microcomputer Software Inc.)  Software  Novato  CA
 Indoptica  Eyewear    Spain
 Innovo  Domestic/Accessory  Springfield  TN
 Irwin Toy  Toys & Games     Canada
 J. Peterman  Mail Order Products  Lexington  KY
 Jay Franco  Housewares  New York  NY
 Jean Card  Greeting Cards     Taiwan
 Jem  Apparel  San Fernando  CA
 Jerry Leigh  Apparel  Los Angeles  CA
 John O. Butler  Oral Hygiene Products  Chicago  IL
 Joy  Apparel  Seoul  Korea
 Kash N Gold  Electronics  Ronkonkoma  NY
 Kiss Int'l  Children Clothing  Mexico City  Mexico
 Kittrich  Stationery  Los Angeles  CA
 Knight Features  Syndication Agent  London  UK
 Kurt Adler  Christmas Items  New York  NY
 Kwality Homes Store  Gift/Stationery/Apparel  Singapore  Singapore
 La Carterie  Apparel     Italy
 Landmark General  Posters  Novato  CA
 Leeward  Apparel  New York  NY
 Lian Thye  Toys & Stationery    Singapore
 Logotel  T-Shirts/Sweatshirts  Columbia  MD
 Losani-Chile  Agent  Santiago  Chile
 Losani-Colombia  Agent  Bogota  Colombia
 Losani-Mexico  Agent  Mexico City  Mexico
 Losani-Peru  Agent  Lima  Peru
 Losani-Venezuela  Agent  Caracus  Venezuela
 Machan  Apparel  Hong Kong  Hong Kong
 Maisto  Die Cast Cars  Hong Kong  Hong Kong
 Mattel  Toys  El Segunda  CA
 Mead  Stationery  Dayton  OH
 Medo Industries  Auto Air Freshners  Tarrytown  NY
 Medtech Products  Pharmeceutical Brand Products  Norwalk  CT
 Merchandising Muenchen  Agent-Germany  Munich  Germany
 Micro Games of America  Hand Held Games  North Hills  CA
 Mistiyarn/Mitch Dowd  Apparel    Australia
 Mobius  Plush Toys  Hong Kong  Hong Kong
 Modern Star  Pens/Pencils/etc..    Taiwan
 Modus Vivendi  Publishing     Canada
 Nancy Sales Co  Novelty Items/Amusement Plush  Chelsea  MA
 New Creative Enterprises  Flags/Wind Chimes/Ceramics  Milford  OH
 New Ray  Die Cast Cars  Hong Kong  Hong Kong
 Nikko America Inc.  Remote Control Cars  Plano  TX
 Northwest Company  Domestic  Port Washington  NY
 NTD/Novel Teez  Apparel  Montreal  Canada
 Panini  Stationery     Italy
 Panouge  Bags/Cosmetics/Gifts  Athens  Greece
 Paper Magic  Stationery  Scranton  PA
 Paragon Trade Brands  Diapers  Norcross  GA
 Penguin Publishing  Publishing     United Kingdom
 Petsmart  Pets Products  Phoenix  AR
 Pez  Candy/Dispensers  Orange  CT
 PIB  Syndication Agent  Copenhagen  Denmark
 Pillsbury  Cookies  Minneapolis  MN
 Plasticolor  Car Mats & Mud Guards  Fullerton  CA
 Play by Play  Toys & Games  San Antonio  CA
 Polygram Video  Music Videos  London  United Kingdom
 Product Plus  Promotional Items    United Kingdom
 PT Adinata  Bags & Stationery Products  Jakarta  Indonesia
 PT Sumber  Children Clothing  Jakarta  Indonesia
 Ralson Purina  Cat Litter  St. Louis  MO
 Rand International  Bicycle Accessories  Farmingdale  NY
 Redan  Publishing     United Kingdom
 Ross Sportswear  Apparel  Minneapolis  MN
 Rubber Stampede  Rubber Stamps  Berkley  CA
 S2Art Group  Original & Limited Edition Art  Chicago  IL
 Saha Pathana  Apparel & Footwear  Bangkok  Thailand
 Sanitarium  Health Foods     Australia
 Schylling  Toys & Games  Ipwich  MA
 SDI Technologies Inc.  Electronics  Rahway  NJ
 Seabell  Sportswear  Redmond  WA
 Sega  Video Games  Redwood City  CA
 Shenny  Stationery  Lodi  NJ
 Sherman Spec  Medical & Dental Apparel & Reminder Cards  Freeport  NY
 Simon Elvin  Greeting Cards     United Kingdom
 Sin Jen  Plush Toys     Taiwan
 Sipex  Integrated Circuits  Billerica  MA
 Spencer Gift  Slippers/Gifts/etc…  Pleasantville  NJ
 Star Ring Trading  Footwear/Clocks/Apparel     Singapore
 Starline Creations  Jewelry, Pins  Cranston  RI
 Stemilt Growers, Inc.  Produce Distribution  Wenatchee  WA
 Strategic Partners  Uniforms  Pacoima  CA
 Strombecker  Die Cast Items  Chicago  IL
 Sun Hing  Inflatable Products     Hong Kong
 Sun Kwong  Shoes (Ladies & Children's)    Hong Kong
 Sun Pac  Food Products  Toronto  Canada
 SVG Distribution Inc.  Video Games     CA
 Tapper  Novelty Items  Cleveland  OH
 The House  Apparel  Ontario  Canada
 Thermos  Housewares  Schamburg  IL
 Tiger Electronics  Video Games  Vernon Hills  IL
 Trendmasters  Action Figures  St. Louis  MO
 Trere  Socks/Boxer Shorts     Italy
 Triple T  Footwear  Cornelius  OR
 Troll Pub  Publishing  Mahwah  NJ
 Tropico  Apparel     France
 T-Shirts of Florida  T-Shirts  Maimi  FL
 Tsin Fui  Glasses  Tainan  Taiwan
 Tsumura  Toiletries  Secaucus  NJ
 US Playing Cards  Playing Cards  Cincinnati  OH
 Valdawn  Novelty Items  Engelwood Cliffs  NJ
 Velva Sheen  Apparel (T-Shirts)  Cincinnati  OH
 Video Arts  Training Videos  London  United Kingdom
 Vigor  Apparel/Home Decorative Products  Guang Zhou  China
 VIP  Agent-France  Paris  France
 Virca  Gift/Stationery     Italy
 Voguestrap  Watches  Long Island City  NY
 Western Publishing  Publishing  Racine  WI
 Westland Giftware  Ceramics  Union City  CA
 Wilton  Cake Decorations  Woodridge  IL
 Wizard & Genius  Posters     United Kingdom
 World Candies  Candy  Brooklyn  NY
 World Trend  Toothbrushes/Combs/Brushes/Pens  Alexandria  VA
 Wormser  Apparel (Boy's Sleapwear)  Northbrook  IL
 Wundies  Apparel (Sleepwear)  Williamsport  PA
 Yih Dah  Apparel    Taiwan
 Zak  Domestics/ Plates  Spokane  WA


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