Using a customized audit program, Licensing Financial Services, Inc. conducts on-site audits of licensees and agents clients.gif (9323 bytes)to verify contract compliance and accuracy of royalty statements.  These audits often result in substantial financial recoveries.

Timely, thorough reports are prepared after consulting with the licensor and licensee.  Typical audits are performed in three to five days, with a report of findings issued to the client within two weeks.


We also provide a broad range of business functions on both an ongoing and one-time basis, depending on the needs of the client:

Billing and Collection Services
Monitoring Contracts and Royalty Payments
Analysis of Royalty Collection Procedures
Contract Language Modifications
Reduction and recovery of Foreign Withholding Taxes
Expert Witness Testimony



To find out more about what we can offer you, contact us at: 

Phone5254.gif (12100 bytes)  800 539-9022 or (513) 871-7938 E-mail us at:  E-mail

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