WORLDBALL.GIF (390 bytes)Some of the world's preeminent licensors have relied on Licensing Financial Services Inc. for their business needs.  Take a look at some of our clientele and see what they have to say:

20th Century Fox

"Since 1994, LFS Inc. has been the most important part of the success of our royalty examination program.  foxhome.jpg (2137 bytes)In the past we would use firms which were either too large or too inexperienced to properly perform these types of contract compliance audits.  LFS Inc. always seems to cut to the heart of the licensing relationships and find the discrepancies which make for a more honest and fair relationship between the parties.   The professional demeanor demonstrated by the auditors makes doing future business with the audited party straight forward.  The findings discovered are clear and concise so they can be shared with the audited party in the settlement discussion.  We plan to employ the work of LFS Inc. consistently as we expand the audit function here at Fox Consumer Products."
Sam Eskenazi
Contracts Manager

Ziggy and Friends
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Marvel Entertainment Group
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Heathcliff Enterprises
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United Feature Syndicate

"As Controller for United Feature Syndicate, I have had a close working relationship with Paul Brachle for over ten years.  I was sad to lose him as an employee of UFS, but glad to be his first customer under his company, Licensing Financial Services, Inc.  Paul has helped us tremendously by performing audits and training our audit staff because of his well-rounded knowledge of the licensing industry.  Paul can often perform audits for less cost than our internal audit staff because of his ability to encompass more than one property in an audit.  This sharing of audit travel costs reduces his overall audit charge to a very reasonable level.  I would highly recommend his company, but please do not use them too much because we still need access to him."
James D. Gleason
Controller - Licensing

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Spelling Entertainment

Sony Corp. of America

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United Media    
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Betty Boop!
King Features
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The Al Agnew Collection

Blue Moon Licensing


Building Q
Sega of America
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Giordano Art

Graphic Corp.

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The Jim Henson Company  

Paramount Pictures
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Hamilton Projects

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