Some of Our Clients Include:
Client Characters
Al Agnew Collection Art Studio
Comedy Central South Park
DaimlerChrysler Jeep/Dodge
Giordano Art Art Studio
Heathcliff Enterprises, Inc. Heathcliff
King Features Syndicate Betty Boop/Popeye
Lee Cable Art Studio
Lucasfilm Ltd. Star Wars
Lyrick Studios Barney/Wishbone
Marvel Entertainment Group Spiderman
Mattel, Inc. Barbie/Matchbox
MTV Networks MTV
Nancy Bailey & Associates Pillsbury
Nickelodeon Rugrats
Paws, Inc. Garfield
Sega of America Hedgehog
Sony Signatures Godzilla
The Copyright Promotions Licensing Group Agent-UK
The Jim Henson Company Muppets
The Joester Loria Group Agent
Timex Timex
Twentieth Century Fox Simpsons
United Media Peanuts
Universal Studios Jurassic Park
Ziggy & Friends Ziggy


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